Zoya’s flagship collection “Aeterna” is an ode to infinite feminine energy

One of India’s finest diamond shops, Tata’s Zoya, has a gift in store for you. An exquisite collection of rare jewelry that will make your heart beat faster. Aeterna is the elegant range inspired by the ancient symbols of sacred geometry. Often described as a model of the universe, these symbols have captivated artists and philosophers across cultures and through the ages.

Introducing Aeterna by Zoya

The visual language of this historic collection juxtaposes a very feminine palette of amethyst, pink sapphire, morganite and rose gold with a strong abstract design to offer a lively and elegant collection. by Zoya Aeterna is designed for versatility and smoothly transcends looks suitable for both day and evening. True to Zoya’s heritage, this collection positions the brand’s leadership in design innovation with two new patented stone cuts, to deliver a 40-piece collection that is as modern as it is timeless.

Aeterna design story chronicles the tremendous feminine energy that resides within the soul of the Zoya woman. With artistic sophistication, Zoya imagines that through the mists that envelop her each day, her consciousness is drawn to the infinite energy pulsing within her, the source of all that she is. By connecting to this energy, she feels limitless, able to manifest it however she wishes – a poet, a dreamer, a seducer, a nurturer, a leader. So far, she is happy.

Amanpreet Ahluwalia, Business Leader at Zoya, says, “At Zoya, we have always believed that when a woman embarks on a journey of reconnecting with herself, she begins to feel truly alive. As a woman myself, I felt it was important to tell the story of the divine feminine energy that is inherent in all of us. It’s a very special, source code-inspired collection for women, a beacon for our soul journeys. Versatile and immensely portable, Zoya’s Aeterna is a beautifully crafted and powerful talisman, a lovely reminder of that elemental power within. Each piece in this collection is as worthy of being treasured as the woman who wears it.

Inspiration behind the range

Extremely powerful symbols create deeply meaningful images for the Zoya woman in Aeterna. Design inspirations for the pieces come from the Flower of Life pattern, symmetrically balanced intersecting circles presented in crisp, bold fractal patterns, the sacred symbol of the Vesica Pisces, presenting a metaphorical vessel for sacred power. Platonic solids in the shape of pyramids, cubes, octahedra, dodecahedra and icosahedra are thoughtfully placed in the middle of the design and are a reminder of the elemental feminine energy that resides in the seed of life as the source of all creation . They take the form of subtle details in the stone settings, the structure of the bracelets, the lattices and the metalwork. Sophisticated toggle necklaces, lassos and stackable rings feature intricate detailing and clever construction.

Fine and elegant craftsmanship

Two patents for adaptations in Platonic solids cuts form the highlight of this collection. Zoya’s workshop accomplishes the intricate and difficult task of cutting the finest amethysts with extreme precision into never-before-seen icosahedron and dodecahedron shapes, while ensuring optimal stone visibility and exciting light reflection from different perspectives. The placement of these special cuts is equally complex and highlights Zoya’s unparalleled mastery in achieving exceptional design by drawing on the best of tradition and state-of-the-art technology.

Revathi Kant, Design Director at Titan Company Limited, says, “Zoya has earned a reputation for redefining the way fine jewelery is perceived in India. With Aeterna, Zoya continues to demonstrate its leadership in design innovation, with unconventional and patented cuts that give jewelry a very modern shape, with clean lines and bold geometry. The collection is designed to dress up your everyday outfit and offers endless versatility in style as it can be stacked or worn individually. With a complex construction Aeterna is a meaningful and extremely stylish collection.