TOD will be the focus of metro construction in Minhang

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) to make highly efficient land use and improve subway stations and the surrounding environment will become the focus of subway construction in Minhang District, with major developments planned for subway lines 8, 13, 15 and Jiamin line.

TOD is a type of urban development that maximizes the amount of residential, commercial and recreational space within walking distance of public transportation.

There are currently 11 metro lines that cross the district, more than 100 kilometers. Among them, Hongqiao Station has become a world-class comprehensive transportation hub.

Recently, the Minhang Planning and Natural Resources Bureau organized a research program on the development of the TOD space, predicting that by 2035, a denser public transport network will be built with 120 stations planned and a total distance reaching 400 kilometers, making Minhang a first-class world city. in terms of metro construction.

The district designed a “3+6+9” development scheme for its TOD plan, with plans to build three TOD centers at the city level, six at the district level, and nine at the community level.

The three city-level TOD centers – Hongqiao Hub TOD, Xinzhuang Hub TOD and Qianwan Central Area TOD – will strengthen the comprehensive service functions of the Yangtze River Delta and Shanghai and make Minhang a city with a wide range of professional functions. .