This serene Jaipur home has the spirit of an ashram

Muted hues, soft lighting and spiritual mantras written boldly on the walls – this Jaipur home could easily pass for a temple. “We were inspired by light tones and minimalist references. The owners are grounded, simple and witty. “divine” avatar.

Himanshu Atre

Himanshu Atre

Natural avatars

Gupta’s design plan was two-pronged: “A plush shell with colorful accents and padding is what I was looking for. The approach was rooted in maximizing reflective surfaces to give that extra visual volume”, she says.

What followed was a pearlescent palette of white marble from Vietnam, vanilla onyx and alchemized semi-precious stones with brass. The doors were adorned with German silverware and the door frames were marble. “We tried to omit the use of wood and veneer to achieve lighter tones in the natural materials. Stucco was used instead of wall paint to create texture,” Gupta explains, adding: “The aesthetic is organic and simple. We’ve highlighted areas in a way that almost every object and every wall has an equal chance to stand out.