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Construction survey software is a computer program that helps contractors and project managers obtain material counts and estimates from digital plans.

Now you might be wondering, what is construction takeoff? Well, the term take-off refers to the amounts and amount of work required to complete a project.

Estimators use a project’s master plan to determine the quantities and types of each material and the labor required to complete each section of the project.

The take-off list is then used to generate a cost estimate and project bid.

Editor’s note: The term takeoff generally implies that amounts of each material are “removed” (or removed) from the plan.

It used to be that contractors and project managers manually stripped down construction using printed blueprints, rulers, calculators and markers.

This is no longer necessary as advancements in technology have created great software that simplifies and improves this procedure.

Here are some of the best take off software for construction:

1. Plan quickly

PlanSwift is popular survey building software, thanks to its powerful suite of features that combine surveying and estimating capabilities in one product.

It offers highly customizable features for various trades including flooring, plumbing, drywall, HVAC, painting, electrical installation, insulation, masonry, framing, landscaping, and more. .

PlanSwift offers a 14-day free trial, after which it can be downloaded for a one-time fee of $1,595. Users can purchase software updates and support for $300 per year.

A major drawback of PlanSwift is that it is not cloud-based software, which means it has to be installed on devices. It is also incompatible with Apple devices.

2. Battery

Stack is one of the best calculation and estimating software for construction professionals. The cloud-based program allows users to quickly quantify plans during the cost estimating process.

Stack users can download plans from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Evernote, as well as directly from their local machines.

The software offers seamless integrations with various construction software, including SmartBid, Buildertrend, Procore, and Dodge Data and Analytics.

In terms of pricing, Stack comes in price brackets ranging from $1,999 per year to $4,999 or more, which can be quite pricey for many users.

3. Predefined ML

PrebuiltML is available in two distinct flavors: PrebuiltML PROtrade for professionals with trade-specific needs and PrebuiltML X for builders, framers and dealers.

PrebuiltML PROtrade comes with pre-configured formulas and advanced 3D take-off technology at a cost of $40 per month or $360 per year, making it suitable for most trades.

However, users are limited to generating only six material quantity reports per month, although this is not a limitation for professionals in most trades.

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On the other hand, PrebuiltML X offers all the functionalities of PROtrade as well as additional functions such as the 3D viewer and access to a database of 50 million products.

The PrebuiltML X2 costs $90 per month or $995 per year when billed annually and includes up to 10 GB of free storage for 15 users.

The PrebuiltML X3 costs $110 per month or $1,195 per year when paid up front and includes up to 100GB of free storage for unlimited users.

One of the main disadvantages of PrebuiltML is that the software only works on Windows machines. Some users also complain that the output file sizes are large.

Also, correcting errors made during take-off can be problematic.

4. Center

On Center is an excellent construction survey software, with a wide range of tools that help builders with surveying, bidding, estimating, and project tracking.

The software takeoff solution, known as On-Screen Takeoff, is a locally installed solution designed to run on Windows 10 or later.

With smart pasting logic, automatic counts, review overlays, and multi-condition statement capabilities, On Center allows users to speed up the statement process while adapting to various circumstances and settings.

On Center has a lightweight version – known as PlanView, which includes some of the more basic take-off features such as linear and area measurements.

Pricing details for the software are not publicly available.

5. Square Takeoff

Square Takeoff is a cloud-based calculation software that automates calculation, estimating, and bidding for residential and commercial construction projects.

The software comes with an intuitive point-and-click interface that simplifies counting and take-off calculations.

Square Takeoff integrates with other tools like Google Maps, Excel, and Buildertrend project management software, making it suitable for managing an entire workflow.

Prospective customers are entitled to a 14-day free trial to test its functionality, after which it becomes available at $997 per user for the first year and $399 per year thereafter.

6. Built

Although one of the newest additions to the take-off software market – having been launched in 2018 – Buildee is rapidly gaining its place among the market giants.

The cloud-based software has one of the best user interfaces, which allows users to upload multi-format files from their machines and start taking off in seconds.

In addition, takeoff data is automatically fed into Buildee’s estimate generator, saving the estimator time while improving accuracy.

Buildee is offered with a monthly subscription of $99 per user or $990 per year when billed annually. Both plans come with unlimited projects and storage.

7. eTakeoff size

eTakeoff Dimension is designed to meet the diverse needs of builders of all trades as it includes functionality for flooring, paint, ceilings, drywall, concrete, framing, masonry, steel, independent estimators, general contractors, etc.

The software is offered in three versions: Basic, Advanced and Premier.

The basic version, which is free, includes many key features of eTakeoff Dimension, including basic survey functions such as counts, area, arcs, etc.

The advanced version costs $950 for a download, with a non-mandatory annual fee of $190 for maintenance and support. It allows users to create and save measurements and annotations, and organize them by color or layer.

The Premier version costs $1,895 for a download with an optional $380 per year fee for maintenance and support. It allows for the addition of custom assemblies, which can significantly speed up the take-off for users working on similar projects.

However, eTakeoff Dimension is not cloud-based software, which means it needs to be installed on devices. Also, it only works on Windows devices.