SiteAware secures funding for drone-based construction technology system – DroneDJ

Construction industry technology service provider SiteAware has raised $15 million in Series B funding to expand customer adoption of its digital construction verification platform, as part of its goal to make of AI-enhanced assets related to drones the new normal in the construction industry in the United States.

Aware of the siteThe Digital Construction Verification (DCV) system draws on a full range of construction plans and specification data to create a model – something like an anticipatory twin – of what the completed structure is expected to become. It then uses drones, on-site cameras and people on the ground with sensors to continuously collect information about the structure as it is built, which is compared to the computer clone of the expected end result. In doing so, DCV allows developers, contractors and site managers to gauge both the pace and quality of work as it is completed, alerting them to costly scheduling delays and defects yet. more expensive requiring correction.

Using the initial digitally projected 3D model of the final building as a reference, DCV continuously records data as the site develops, providing real-time feedback on strict adherence to plans. When various AI-assisted applications reveal flaws or errors, the platform sends warnings to those responsible, along with ways to quickly and effectively remedy the flaws.

This way, the turnkey DCV platform alerts planners to problems as they arise and prevents them from being compounded by additional construction. This automated review limits the costs incurred by remedial work to errors detected early versus the effort required when errors are discovered late in the game. This, in turn, minimizes unexpected and unwanted costs associated with late completion, as well as insurance and liability risks related to defects.

DCV’s use of drones and ground cameras to reduce or eliminate these overruns is no small feat for construction projects. By some estimates, these additional costs can increase the final price a home buyer pays by 10% to 30%, driving up $273 billion in additional costs each year in the United States alone.

“SiteAware’s DCV error prevention technology is disrupting the construction industry by dramatically accelerating schedules and streamlining work processes for all parties,” said Zeev Braude, CEO of SiteAware. “In the next few years, everyone from contractors to developers will use DCV to build without rework. DCV gives the construction ecosystem access to data it has never had before, data that holds the key to the next jump in productivity for the industry.

Despite the benefits DCV offers to potential users, construction industry players of all sizes have been slow to adopt advanced technological solutions to alleviate the problems they regularly encounter. This hesitation is part of what SiteAware will use its new funding to overcome, with the goal of not only expanding its client list, but also making DCV the industry standard for keeping projects on schedule and as close. as possible of the impeccable.

“As the first player in this new category, SiteAware is leading the way for the entire construction industry, enabling the sector to take advantage of technologies that will ultimately make it more efficient, more transparent and smarter,” said said Emanuel Timor, general partner of the new investment fund Vertex.

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