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A mortgage is a financial process with sometimes long and painful stages. The administrative burden is often a chore which individuals do not love. But banking establishments are beginning to popularize the electronic signature of various documents. A method that demonstrates a certain speed while reducing the risk of occurrence of errors. Back on the benefits of this technology.


Manual signing, an unreliable process and from another time

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Technology is installed in the process of finalizing a mortgage application. Certain banking professionals make it a priority by therefore proposing the electronic signature of a loan offer. Through the adoption of such a device, the banks hope to remove the factors that can invalidate the file during a manual signature. Embarrassing situations which cause delays which are potentially worrying for the parties.

It must be said that the unforeseen are multiple. The customer, left to himself when he receives his loan offer, can make mistakes when he initials the document. He can very well go to his agency, but this misunderstanding causes frustration and therefore customer dissatisfaction. But these are not the only snags since when sending documents by mail, within a time limit to be observed, the file can be lost. These are all factors that push banks to modernize this process.


Simplification of processes via electronic signature

real estate credit

Now, establishments are making electronic signature a priority strategy to avoid the many pitfalls encountered during a manual signature. Some banks have even reached an 80% mortgage signature rate through technology. It must be said that it offers significant advantages for all stakeholders.

Already, it corrects the unexpected by simplifying the signing process for customers who will be accompanied by the software, in the event of remote signing at home, or by the advisor, in the event of signing at the agency on a tablet. In addition, files no longer have to be sent by post and do not risk loss. The processing of files can therefore be done in a much shorter time. A boon for customers, who gain satisfaction, but also for bank advisers who increase their productivity and therefore the profitability of their brand.

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