Progress on Building Knoxville Schools | Radio KNIA KRLS

Progress on Building Knoxville Schools | KNIA KRLS Radio – The One You Can Count On

The Knoxville School Board has been given an overview of the Middle School construction project, and Superintendent Cassi Pearson told KNIA/KRLS News it’s been exciting to see the progress being made on the project.

“It was really fun to watch it from the plan stage…and now that it’s actually there, going back and looking at the plans and going through it is pretty mind blowing. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be that big when you have a two-dimensional drawing and then walk through it and realize all the big spaces that our design team has put together. It’s very 21st century, very modern, but with a kind of classic feel too. It feels like Knoxville.

The new building should be completed in time for the next school year.


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