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Financial unforeseen events are recurrent in everyone’s life and therefore, an alternative is to resort to personal loans. After all, this modality is known for its easy access offered by financial institutions, and it is also one of the options available on the market for those who need money quickly. For this reason, the Personal Loan at Fine Bank can be a good alternative.

On average, Fine Bank charges interest of 4.28% per month. In a practical way, if $ 5,000 is requested to pay in twelve installments at interest of 4.28% per month, it will be necessary to pay twelve installments of $ 541.45, totaling $ 6,497.40.


Fine Bank personal loan: Simulator

personal loan: Simulator

On the financial institution’s website, it is possible to request proposals for Mortgage Loans, Personal Loans – Property as Guarantee, Pension and Financial Education. To do this, just fill in the data requested by the bank, and at the end of the registration, the conditions offered will be shown.



loan Benefits

Quick money: The requested amount is released at the same time in the customer’s current account if he is already a bank account holder, otherwise the credit will be subject to analysis;

Flexible installment payment: It is possible to choose the payment date of the first installment within 60 days after the account credit, including, it may be the payment date of your monthly salary and / or income;

Account debit: The loan takes the form of account debit, which can make it very easy when closing accounts. But for that, it is essential to maintain financial health. After all, if the balance is insufficient, you will enter the overdraft – the second line with the most expensive interest rate in Brazil.

To hire a personal loan at Fine Bank, you must be over 18 years old, have a checking account and have no name restrictions. In addition, the bank usually requires proof of income.


How to take out a personal loan at Fine Bank?

personal loan at Sanbuan?

If the customer already has a Fine Bank account, it is possible to contract a personal loan through internet banking or at ATMs. This is because it is common to have a pre-approved limit for account holders. If you have no approved limit, or the pre-approved amount is less than necessary, you must contact Fine Bank. The same is true if you find the cost of interest high.

If you are not an account holder, you will need to go to a Fine Bank branch with the following documents:

  • RG;
  • CPF;
  • Proof of address;
  • Proof of income.

In any case, opening a current account does not guarantee that you will have credit approved, not to mention that the process can be time consuming.

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