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Every fifth person living in Poland does not have a bank account – according to the report published on the website Fine Bank. This number may come as a surprise, especially since we are living in times where cashless transactions are an increasingly frequent phenomenon.

In shops, we pay for purchases with a card, we send immediate transfers to friends or family. Even electricity and telephone bills do not require us to be present at the post office or company outlet. However, research shows that a large proportion of Poles use traditional payment methods.

The lenders, seeing such a large number of people who are not convinced by banking, decided to create a product called a loan without verifying the bank account. This does not mean that people who have an account cannot use them.

Many methods of paying out loans attract a larger number of borrowers. Everyone will find the most convenient option for themselves. We do not need to provide a reason for choosing one of the available methods. As well as choosing one of them does not affect our loan decision.

Loan without bank account verification – how does it work?

Loan without bank account verification - how does it work?

In the age of the internet, we can do anything without leaving home. The most important factor when submitting an application is its verification. Most often this is done by sending a 1gr transfer to the lender’s account.

This verifies the transfer data with the data from the loan application. If they are consistent then the application goes to further analysis. And what should people who do not have an account in any bank do? Well, there are a few other ways to verify the customer without using an account.

In the paragraphs below, we’ve written some of the most popular methods to make a loan without an account easily available. Just select one of them and pass the verification process positively.

A Good Finance check is one way to withdraw a loan without an account. Some lenders offer cash withdrawals that are very popular with customers. Not everyone wants to get a loan for an account for many reasons – they do not have it, they have a joint account with their family, or they care about discretion.

The Good Finance check is an easy and quick way to get a loan and verify your identity. All we have to do is go to the nearest bank branch with an ID card. We receive money immediately after verifying our person.

Loan without verification of the bank account at the company’s

Loan without verification of the bank account at the company

Another method of obtaining a loan without verifying your bank account is a personal visit to the head office of the loan company (company addresses are available on the website). In some cases, we can get a phone call from a loan company, which will show us the nearest address of our headquarters, where we will quickly receive money.

This method is not as popular as others, because in the Internet age many loan companies are not able to serve their customers personally. They do not have an establishment where clients could come and submit an application to the employee.

More and more companies are resigning from stationary branches and prefer to settle all matters with clients online or by phone. A loan without verification of your bank account, if you want to visit the company’s headquarters, can be difficult to get – this is due to the small number of companies with a customer service stationary.

Instant delivery without account verification – home courier

Instant delivery without account verification - home courier

At a time when the Internet was not so widespread, lending companies had their representatives who visited their clients at their homes. Today this situation is also taking place. When choosing the payment of the loan, we can choose the field “courier home”, “loan from a representative”.

Thanks to this, we will receive payday pay without leaving your account without leaving your home. In this case, the loan application is usually submitted by phone. After positive acceptance, the representative makes an appointment with the borrower and delivers cash to the previously agreed place.

Many customers value this method of money collection and identity verification. Instant payments without account verification can be good financial support for people who do not want to leave the house. They prefer to wait until the courier comes with cash to them.


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