Kerala: A Thalassery bungalow takes root in a childhood vegetable garden

wild wonders

There is something on the first floor that whispers of nature. Parrot green tiles enliven the passage, while coastal colors are channeled into the blue and yellow oxide bedroom floors. The landscape continues into the four-poster bed and clay ceiling tiles, eventually culminating in a small open-air garden. Not to be outdone, the bathrooms feature similar palettes: while one has a natural rubble-like cladding in the shower area, a stone sink, blue accent tiles aqua and a skylight; the other is characterized by all things yellow and coppery.

The kitchen dons a shabby-chic avatar, with distressed cabinetry, electrifying blue tiles, and exposed cement walls.

Fortress of Light

As Purayil and Nishan usher me into the garden, the lightness and natural light I observed inside translates to the openness of the outdoors. But despite its scale, the garden does not compromise the privacy of the property: Clever interventions, such as a bamboo wall, tall shrubs and foliage envelop the built form, warding off prying eyes. If the owners were to cower with a book under a tree here, they’d likely end up uninterrupted; for the only company (apart from Sherbeeni’s parents in the house next door, of course) is the chirping of birds and the tropical breeze.