Housing for hapū architectural challenge

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Adam Gifford

Anthony Hoete: housing for the hapū architectural challenge

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The University of Auckland’s School of Architecture asks its 120 students to come up with housing ideas for the hapū.

Professor Anthony Hoete says he is keen to encourage different models not just of building and living, but also of owning.

Build to rent models of collective ownership are increasingly used in Europe, where he has worked on social housing and other projects for the past 30 years.

He is exploring ideas like marae-style accommodation with small modular family units and shared kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and other services.

“We look to Maori and indigenous ways. The 30-bedroom house that we’re actually talking about can be more compact, can be denser, can be more sustainable with a sense of whakawhanaungatanga, kōtahitanga among the citizens. It can really create well-being, so new types of models, ”says Professor Hoete.

He would also like to hear from any Maori secondary school students who are considering studying architecture.