Homebuilding transformation plan to be unveiled at Futurebuild

The Advanced Industrialized Methods for Home Construction (AIMCH) research and development project is due to present its findings and issue a call for processing to industry next month.

The results of the three-year AIMCH project indicate that it has been very successful in producing common viable solutions to address all the challenges facing the housing sector, including skills shortages, an aging workforce, low productivity , low production and low accessibility. High profile figures will reveal industrialized methods on how the industry can deliver 120,000 homes for similar costs to traditional methods, built 30% faster, with fewer defects and less embodied carbon.

The £6.5million research and development project is a collaboration between Stewart Milne Group, Barratt Developments PLC, L&Q, Forster Group, the Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC) and Construction Scotland Innovation Center (CSIC) and the project is managed by Limberger Associates. It is supported by Innovate UK through the Transforming Construction Fund.

Set to unveil its report at the Futurebuild exhibition at the ExCeL conference center in London next month, representatives from AIMCH will deliver a keynote address and a presentation of the project’s findings on day one. On the second day, stakeholders and industry can learn about all the key findings and discuss them in more detail during a day of seminars.

Futurebuild 2022 will take place March 1-3 with over 20,000 senior professionals from across the built environment sector expected to attend.

Homebuilding transformation plan to be unveiled at Futurebuild

Stewart Dalgarno, AIMCH Project Director and Director of Innovation and Sustainability at Stewart Milne Group, said: “It will be a proud moment for everyone involved in the three-year AIMCH project to take the main stage of Futurebuild and to unveil an industrialization plan for the industry to address the challenges facing the housing sector.

“Primarily, we will showcase common viable solutions to support the delivery of much-needed new homes, particularly net-zero homes, while reducing the overall environmental impact of the area. We will demonstrate how these methods can provide more houses, built at a similar cost to masonry, which the industry cannot afford not to implement.

“The project partners are all leading innovators within our industry and the Futurebuild conference is the perfect opportunity to connect their vision with the decision makers who will be responsible for implementing change across the board. of the sector. This is a pivotal time for companies large and small to drive change and reap the rewards of transforming the way we build homes. »

Dr Mike Pitts, Deputy Challenge Director at Innovate UK, the project funder, said: “The AIMCH project is ready to unveil its plan to deliver industrialized solutions to help address housing shortages. This is a huge leap forward and now we need to see continued commitment from the industry to turn this vision into reality.

“The scale and pace of the potential transformation of the industry is impressive, as is its addressing skills shortages and embracing new mainstream methods. This will undoubtedly open up new employment opportunities within industry and at other points in the supply chain.

“Partners are experienced innovators and are ready to showcase cutting-edge solutions. Futurebuild will be the ideal exhibition to bring together industry leaders to accelerate market adoption and transform the way traditional housing is delivered.