Edinburgh’s ‘pioneering’ net zero housing development has won approval

Net zero housing development proposals that form part of the £1.3billion Granton Waterfront regeneration project in north-west Edinburgh were approved by city planners yesterday.

The Granton D1 project is the first Edinburgh Home Demonstration (EHD) pilot project which will see the construction of 75 net-zero carbon homes and three retail units in Granton. The project is led by Edinburgh City Council with support from building and academic partners and is part of the council’s ambitions to deliver 20,000 affordable homes by 2027.

The project is being undertaken in partnership with CCG (Scotland) Ltd to test this new business model of building affordable, net zero homes. Much of the construction will be done off-site in a factory, which will reduce the total time needed to build the houses. Homes will also include zero-emission heating. This will help reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and support the city’s net zero goal in 2030.

The pilot is also supported by a team from Edinburgh Napier University who will analyze energy performance to validate and inform the net zero carbon strategy for future JEP projects. The EHD project aims to provide 1,000 affordable net-zero carbon homes across the six council areas in the City Region Deal.

With a goal to become a “net zero” city by 2030, these two developments, alongside the 444-home Western Villages development, will serve as a model for future sustainable development and help Scotland transition to a greener economy.

Councilor Kate Campbell, head of the Housing, Homelessness and Fair Work Committee, said: “Making homes more sustainable will help us achieve our net zero goals, but more importantly our tenants will benefit. With the cost of living soaring, making housing running costs more affordable will help low-income tenants, thus avoiding energy poverty.

“This pilot project, and the learning we hope to learn from it, is a very important step for us on our journey to make our entire housing stock more energy efficient and more liveable for tenants.

“We have incredibly ambitious plans which form the foundation of our housing strategy over the next ten years. There is a critical need for more affordable housing in Edinburgh and we are responding to this with our commitment to provide 20,000 social and affordable homes by 2027.”

Councilor Mandy Watt, Vice Chair of the Housing, Homelessness and Fair Work Committee, said: “The Granton D1 development will provide affordable housing for everyone, with over 60% being for social rent. The development is part of the wider regeneration of the Granton Waterfront – which includes the creation of one of the largest new coastal city parks in Europe. We hope to offer residents and visitors the chance to reconnect with the city’s waterfront and enjoy the new leisure and outdoor experiences that will be on offer, fostering an environment that will benefit health, spirit community and the well-being of all.

Planning Committee Organizer Councilor Neil Gardiner said: “This sustainable development is a great addition to our major regeneration of Granton Waterfront to create a coastal town with lots of green and open space. It was good to see the committee unanimously supporting the project which will provide the area with affordable affordable homes, as well as retail units providing business opportunities and jobs locally.

Calum Murray, Director of CCG (Scotland) and Edinburgh Climate Commissioner, added: “The approval of Granton D1 is another important milestone for Edinburgh City Council and CCG. Working together with our partners, we are pioneering the delivery of affordable, net-zero housing in Scotland and the Council is to be commended for taking these necessary first steps in realizing our country’s zero-carbon ambitions. CCG is delighted to lead the design and construction of Granton D1 where we will provide a state of the art demonstration in the use of fabric first design and construction technology. We look forward to advancing work on site in the very near future. »

Construction of Granton D1 is expected to begin in the spring of 2022.