Delhi government announces free bus passes for construction workers

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said on Wednesday that the Arvind Kejriwal-led government had decided to provide construction workers with free bus passes for their daily trips.

Sisodia distributed free passes to some construction workers at a reception held at the secretariat in Delhi. “10,000,000 workers have been registered in Delhi. In the past year, the government of Kejriwal has distributed Rs 600,000,000 among the 10,000,000 registered workers (under various welfare schemes), which represents the highest amount distributed among workers across the country,” he said.

Sisodia asked workers to spend the money they would save from free bus passes for their families and not waste it on other things. Construction workers include masons, painters, welders, carpenters, crane operators, among others.

Sisodia interacted with some of the beneficiaries who told him that they spend hundreds of rupees per month to get to their place of work.

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In mid-April, the Delhi government announced the inclusion of e-bikes, both personal and heavy duty, in its electric vehicle subsidy policy. In line with the policy, the Delhi government will provide a grant of Rs 5,500 each for the first 10,000 buyers of e-bikes in the city and a grant of Rs 15,000 each for the first 5,000 buyers of heavy and e-bikes. carts for commercial use. With this, Delhi has become the first state to announce subsidies for e-bikes.
Last month, the Delhi government unveiled a blueprint of its five-year plan to generate 20 lakh jobs under the “Rozgar budget” and set departmental targets to implement the ambitious program of the waiver. of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Industrial zones, retail markets, start-up policy and shopping festivals were the main contributors to achieving the target of providing 20,000 jobs.