CrossFit releases floor plans for 5 quarterfinal workouts

March 22, CrossFit HQ has released five individual floor plans for the online quarterfinals, which will run from March 24 to April 24, 2022. Stage two of the 2022 CrossFit season challenges the top 10% of athletes worldwide from the 2022 CrossFit Open to complete all five workouts and submit them for review. Competing athletes compete for the next ranks at the end of the quarter-finals to qualify for one of 10 semi-finals.

Quarter-final scoring is similar to the Open – athletes receive points equivalent to their placement once scores are finalized; therefore, the lower the score, the better. For clarity, whoever places first overall will score one point, second will score two points, and so on. The higher an athlete finishes in the rankings, the lower their score. here are the floor plans for all five quarter-final workouts below, courtesy of the CrossFit Games Instagram page:

Note: Scroll left to see the floor plan for each workout.

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Dissecting Quarter-Final Floor Plans

Although CrossFit HQ has yet to release what the five quarterfinal workouts will be, the floor plans suggest a few moves to prepare for. Let’s break down the key areas of each floor plan and the moves they suggest are coming:

workout one

The floor plan of a workout consists only of a pair of dumbbells and weight plates (or similar items) stacked together to create a deficit. While barbells can involve a wide range of possible movements, from barbell snatches to barbell thrusters and everything in between, stacked weight plates are most likely handstand pushups. There aren’t many other common movements in sports that would require this particular setup, so assume athletes will be inverted for part of the workout.

workout two

The second workout features gymnastic rings on one side of the playing field and a GHD machine on the other. Assuming there’s no bodyweight movement involved without these gears, Workout Two will feature some sort of couplet of ring toe or ring muscle-ups and GHD sit-ups. It’s likely to be a total rep workout for the time, but it’s possible it’s an AMRAP. Regardless of the format, heart rate management will likely play a role here.

workout three

The third Quarter-Finals practice looks pretty straightforward as to what it will entail – the most transparent of floor plans in terms of what to expect. It requires four wall bullet targets, implying that the wall bullets will be performed in several places in the semicircle with a rope at the core. A rope is probably there for rope climbs, of course, but given that it’s paired with wall balls, it might not allow the use of legs to climb climbs. Although nothing is certain, athletes can probably expect their biceps to be pumped up by the end of this one.

workout four

The Workout Four floor plan consists of a barbell on a stand. That’s it. It’s probably strength-based training, but the possibilities are relatively wide. A rack implies that there will be either a back squat, a front squat, or an overhead press. Potentially a combination of all. Runners do not need to apply for Workout Four; it’s a matter of strength here.

workout five

The final training for the quarter-finals seems to be the most demanding of the five. The floor plan includes a rowing machine, barbell and plyo box. Expect heart rates to be tested whenever a plyo box is involved in a workout. Likewise, the rowing machine is no joke in combination with a barbell. It could be a triplet of a dumbbell move, a box jump, and rowing, or the rower could be a buy-in. Alternatively, the rower could follow a verse over the bar and box. Those with the imagination could probably develop nearly endless combinations of workouts with these tools, so assume athletes are going to be sweating buckets.

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2022 CrossFit Semifinals Schedule

Four of the 10 CrossFit semi-finals will take place in North America. Two semi-finals will take place in Europe. Oceania, Asia, Africa and South America will each host a semi-final. The full schedule and known venues for the Semi-Finals events are below:

First week — May 20-22, 2022

Second week — May 26-29, 2022

The following age groups will compete this week: 14-15, 16-17, 35-39, 40-44 and 45-49.

Third week — June 2-5, 2022

  • The overthrow of the Far East — Asia | Busan, South Korea
  • Granite games — North America | Minneapolis, Minnesota

The adaptive split semi-finals are scheduled for this week along with the following age groups: 50-54, 55-59, 60-64 and 65+.

Week Four — June 10-12, 2022

  • CrossFit South Cup — South America | Shopping Vitória, Enseada Do Suá, Vitória
  • Strength in depth — European | ExCel London, London, England
  • Atlas Games — North America | Claude Robillard Sports Complex, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

If any of the semi-finals cannot take place in person, they will move to an online format similar to the quarter-finals.

Featured Image: @crossfitgames on Instagram