7 castles with famous owners | Architectural Summary

The fashion designer and his wife have channeled the charm of an English mansion into their former home in Greenwich, Connecticut, known as Round Hill. Originally called Chateau Paterno, architect Greville Rickard designed the property in 1939 for real estate scion Charles Vincent Paterno. Now, decades later, the cozy home blends the styles of the two Hilfigers, although Dee admits she quickly fell in love with the castle-like venue as soon as they first pulled down the driveway , although it needs some improvements. “The house was in bad shape and we knew it needed a lot of work, but we also knew it would be our home,” she said. AD in 2017. The couple separated from the place last year.

Derek Jeter

In upstate New York, Derek Jeters owns a sprawling estate anchored by a castle-like building on a hill and a small guesthouse by the water. Both are gray stone, feature low stone turrets and walls, and span four acres. In total, there are 12,600 square feet of living space, with 6 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and 4 kitchens. Jeter once tried to sell the multimillion-dollar property after restoring it, but didn’t have much success.

Jane Seymour

The orangery of the former home of Jane Seymour and her ex-husband David Flynn.

Photo: Peter Kredenser

Jane Seymour knew the moment she set eyes on St. Catherine’s Court in 1982, it was something special. Although not a traditional castle, the English mansion has retained its own church, tithe barn and cottages. She initially divided her time between St. Catherine’s Court and her family’s main residence in California, noting to AD in 1991 that, “Sometimes I go for a walk, pick wildflowers, and then I sit here with the kids and draw.” In November 2007, Seymour sold the property to an unknown buyer, and it is now available to rent for special events and weddings.