Colombian houses: examples of floor plans, design and materials Casa del cuidandero / L. Oberlander. Image © Simon Bosch To share To share Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp Mail Or For much of the world, this past year has passed within the confines of our homes, undoubtedly blurring the linesRead More →

Homeowners forced by the coronavirus pandemic to hide in their homes for much of the past year are changing a few things in their home. For starters, COVID-19 exposed the flaws of the open floor plans touted on HGTV and other design shows – finding a quiet space to jumpRead More →

Riyaz Amlani’s national cafe-style bar chain, Social, launched its newest and most distinctive location to date: Social with Distancing. Located in the Dwarka landscape of the NCR and designed by New Delhi-based architecture firm Renesa, the restaurant is a response to the ‘new normal’ of the post-Covid world. With bio-bubblesRead More →